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Peter May

Entry Island

IF YOU FLEE FATE When Detective Sime Mackenzie is sent from Montreal to investigate a murder on the remote Entry Island, 850 miles from the Canadian m..

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Extraordinary People

Jacques Gaillard, brilliant teacher of France's future VIPs, vanished years ago. The mystery inspires a bet that Enzo Macleod, forensic scientist and ..

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In 1965, five teenage friends fled Glasgow for London to pursue their dream of musical stardom. Yet before year's end three returned, and returned dam..

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The Blackhouse

From acclaimed author and television dramatist Peter May comes the first book in the Lewis Trilogy--a riveting mystery series set on the Isle of Lewis..

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The Critic

Gil Petty, the worlds number one wine critic, went missing during a tasting tour of the little-known wine region of Gaillac. Four years ago, his body ..

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